Coastal Grown Farms is a hydroponic produce farm that boasts rows of savory tomato, pepper, squash, and cucumber plants that are heavy with fruit growth and grown in pure, nutrient-rich water. Produce is hand-picked at the peak of maturation, the height of their flavor, and carefully packaged for direct delivery to our customers. Best of all, produce grows year-round, always consistent with locally-grown taste and CGF quality. Consumers will never have a problem with sourcing “out of season” produce.

CGF's fully automated greenhouses protect the crops from adverse weather, disease, pests (that cause quality issues), supply shortages and helps mitigate any local wild market price fluctuations. CGF can respond quickly to market demand and permit rapid crop rotation as needed.

CGF is actively seeking Organic certification and together with hydroponics, responsible growing methods, and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) compliance - CGF will set the standard. CGF's goal is to provide health and environmentally-conscious consumers the "peace of mind" that with CGF they will only get the highest quality produce.
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